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Israel Mystery Photo #5

Israel Mystery Photo

And now for something somewhat different...

Well, I suppose last week’s photo was more challenging. Only people from my class who were there with me recognized where the photo was taken. But that’s not all that surprising, considering that it is not a popular spot on the typical tourist trail.

As those who got it correct guessed, the photo was taken at the Mony Winery cellars, near Beit Shemesh. (There was one guess that said Mony Wineries, but gave the wrong location for it — half a point!) I’ll tell you a bit more about the winery and the cellars in a bit, but first I wanted to discuss this week’s photo. I decided to choose something from a place that my tour guide course did not visit, so that my classmates don’t have the edge in this one. That being said, however, it is a site that I really enjoy, and hope to take tourists to in the future.

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Israel Mystery Photo #4

This week's Israel Mystery Photo

Any idea where in Israel this is?

Okay, so last week’s Israel Mystery Photo was a bit more challenging, even for all of my classmates at Machon Lander. But even everyone who was incorrect made logical guesses, which makes this fun!

Also, hiding the comments until now made it more fun as well, since nobody could see the other responses. So I will continue doing that.

So first and foremost, the correct answer was Hurfeish, a Druze town beneath Nebi Sabalan. And though I didn’t ask what it was a picture of, a few people got that one right: a statue of Sultan al-Atrash.

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Israel Mystery Photo #3

Israel Mystery Photo

Where was this photo taken?

Okay, so first a little update on this ongoing series…

I realized that with the comments visible it made it a bit less challenging after people answered before you. So I have changed things and will now hold the comments you leave, and then the following week I will publish them all when I release the answers. I hope that will make this more fun for everyone!

That being said, I think this one might be a drop more challenging, even for those people in my tour guide course. We’ll see!

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Israel Mystery Photo #2

Israel Mystery Photo number two

The next mystery photo. Leave your guess in the comments!

Here it is… the next installment of my Israel Mystery Photos!

Have you seen this spot? Do you know where it is? Can you take an educated guess? Leave your response in the comments below. I will be keeping track of correct answers, and maybe give a prize for cumulative “points” at some point later. And I hope you enjoy this!

But now, the answer to last week’s mystery photo

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