Who is Fun Joel?

Me in a tunnel at Beit Guvrin

Me in a tunnel at Beit Guvrin

Hey there! I’m Joel Haber, more commonly known as “Fun Joel.” It’s a nickname I’ve had for a while, and on the next page I’ll tell you a bit about how I received that moniker. But for now I’d like to tell you a bit about who I am, in general.

I grew up in New Jersey, lived for many years in the great city of New York, moved from there to L.A., where I spent five wonderful years, and then moved to Israel in March 2009. My background through most of my adult life has been in film, and I’ve worked in many aspects of the movie business, focusing after a short time on the screenwriting side of things. I’ve worked as a writer, as a screenwriting teacher and as a screenplay analyst, critiquing the quality of screenplays and determining whether they could be turned into good movies.

People ask me, “Why did you move to Israel, if you work in movies? Shouldn’t you have stayed in Hollywood?” And my response is always the same: I didn’t move to Israel for work. I moved here for life.

I have not entirely left the film world, but I also know that there are other passions I have in life and other things I would like to do with my time. Which has brought me to this point, and specifically to this blog. I love Israel very much, and I am now embarking on a journey to become a licensed tour guide here.

It is my sincerest hope that I can bring elements of my past to my future job here as a tour guide. I want to bring my love — and understanding — of Story to the tours I give. I want to entertain my clients, surprise them and, at times, give them a sense of the drama and beauty that is my beloved land of Israel. And at the same time, I know that if they are on a tour with “Fun Joel” — they are bound to enjoy themselves as well!

This blog will hopefully give you a good taste of who I am as a person, who I will be as a guide, and a window onto the Israel you’ll see if you take a tour with me.

Welcome to Fun Joel’s Israel!

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