Over the years, I've been featured in many articles, as well as appearing on TV, videos and radio programs. I've also published a number of articles of my own.

Enjoy these, and see a little more what I'm all about!

Featuring Fun Joel

Some pieces in which I was interviewed, or was the "star of the show."

A current article about me and some other guides who are bringing our tours online during the Coronavirus crisis.


The Ultimate Jerusalem Food Crawl: Mahane Yehuda’s Most Tantalizing Must-Eats


How to Navigate Jerusalem’s Massive Machane Yehuda Market

Tasting Table

Listed among "The Best Food Tours Around the World"
Also featured in "This Market is the Hottest Place to Eat in Jerusalem"

Eat Your World

"Q&A: Joel Haber, Israeli Food Tour Guide, Jerusalem"

Cruising Israel - ILTV

A segment in Machane Yehuda that runs for about 10 minutes. I'm featured starting around 18:53.
Next, I was featured in the lead story of a second episode, ending at 11:43 of this video:

Nehemiah's Wall

Featured on this podcast, discussing Biblical sites throughout the land of Israel.

Jewish Journal
(Los Angeles)
A profile piece about me and my Israel tour business.

Magellan magazine

My first real coverage in Spanish, which I don't speak! (I guided in English, but this was written "en español," so I can only assume that it says good things about my tour in City of David.)

TimeOut Israel

Included in a listing of the best culinary tours and activities in Israel.

Thomas Cook

A great short video as part of a campaign promoting Jerusalem as a tour destination.

Extra Crispy -

This Yemeni-Jewish Pastry Isn’t As Delicate As It Looks

Table for Two with Naomi Nachman, Nachum Siegel Network

Call in on the radio show (first segment ending at 16:20)
Extended length show on location - video tour in Machane Yehuda Market:

Mom Who Runs

A review of my shuk tour

The Cooking Corner with Sharon Lurie - 101.9 Chai-FM

An interview on a South African kosher food radio program

The New York Jewish Week

"A Taste of Jerusalem"

From the Grapevine

About fresh, seasonal produce

Project Seventy

Part of a cool campaign of 70 videos shot all over Israel in honor of Israel's 70th anniversary:


Marni Landes DeWitt

A friend's video from before I became a guide, where I brought her to see one of my favorite local bread bakeries:

Ta'am - Judaism on a Plate

A couple of short videos with me, via this awesome project connecting Jewish food and culture.
"Always Something New to Taste" and "Happy Hour in Jerusalem"

Hatch Brewery

A two part "Shuk Facts" video with my friends from the awesome Hatch Brew Pub in Machane Yehuda.

Written by Fun Joel

A few pieces I've written that connect with Jerusalem, the shuk or Jewish Food in general.

Jerusalem Post
For Passover 2020, about sites in the Negev connected with modern Israeli history: "Create Your Own Exodus in the Negev Desert"
A piece about the challenges of real estate development in Jerusalem: "Pigs Must Be Flying"
This is an argument in favor of running the light rail along Emek Refaim Street. It takes Jerusalem's history into account. "Triple Benefit"

The Nosher

Articles about Jewish Food history
Hot Dogs Are the Greatest American Food. Here's Why.
The Forgotten History of Jews in the Alcohol Industry
The Long History of Huevos Haminados, Slow-Cooked Sephardi Eggs
Adventurous Eaters Love This Jerusalem Street Food

Jewish Journal (Los Angeles)
Two cooking articles for the Jewish holidays.
"Embodying Unity in Your Rosh Hashana Meal"
"Passover: Don't be a Slave to Tradition"