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Israel Mystery Photo #1

Mystery Picture #1

Do you know where this is?

I have decided to inaugurate a new feature on the blog, that will hopefully become a regular (perhaps weekly) one. Over the past couple of years in my tour guide course (and from before as well, obviously), I have taken lots of pictures all over this awesome country. So I thought it would be fun to make a little game out of them.

I will post a picture from somewhere in Israel, and you post in the comments where you think (or know) it is located. Be as specific as possible. For example, if I posted a picture from the Kotel / Western Wall, yes, you could write “Jerusalem.” But I’d prefer to see “Western Wall, Jerusalem.” Or even better, “Western Wall, Jerusalem, right next to the mechitzah on the men’s side.” Or something of that nature. You get the picture!

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Environmental Tour of the Negev

BrightSource Solar Array

Heliostat array at BrightSource's Rotem test facility

I took a friend down to the Negev desert last week for a tour focused on various environmental topics. We visited sites and discussed issues of CleanTech/Green energy, water usage, desert agriculture, ecology, etc. In addition to being interesting for me, I see it as another niche in which I may work in the future (a number of people expressed an interest in a tour like this once I described it). I designed the tour almost as a “mission,” mixing traditional site visits, meeting with experts and tours of business sites.

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