Israel Tourism News Roundup

Israel Ministry of Tourism logo. Tour guide. Eshkol. grapes.

Logo of the Israeli Ministry of Tourism

I’m going to try to start doing regular posts where I summarize recent news stories with relevance to the tourism industry in Israel. These might have to do with plans the Tourism Ministry is making, events or news about hotels or airlines, or anything that might affect the tour guiding business directly. If any of you come across relevant news stories that you think I might not have seen, please feel free to forward my way! Thanks! And as always, I’d love to hear any responses or opinions in the comments section.

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Israel’s Airline Wars

The view from my window on my Aliya / Immigration Flight

There seems to be a lot of jostling going on in Israel’s airline industry lately. Ideally this will lead to increased competition, which should benefit the consumer, if corruption doesn’t preserve the status quo. But what I find most interesting is the backstory to this long-running dispute.

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