Israel Mystery Photo #2

Israel Mystery Photo number two
The next mystery photo. Leave your guess in the comments!

Here it is… the next installment of my Israel Mystery Photos!

Have you seen this spot? Do you know where it is? Can you take an educated guess? Leave your response in the comments below. I will be keeping track of correct answers, and maybe give a prize for cumulative “points” at some point later. And I hope you enjoy this!

But now, the answer to last week’s mystery photo

Many guessers came close, but only one actually got the correct answer. Congratulations to my classmate at Lander College, Christine, for properly recognizing that the photo was taken in the Ashkenazi Ari Synagogue in Tzefat / Safed.

Tzefat is interesting and notable as the only place that has two different synagogues named for the same person, a great kabbalist named Rabbi Isaac Luria, but nicknamed “The Ari” — The Lion — an acronym based on his name. It is notable that he is widely revered by both Ashkenazi (Eastern European origins) and Sephardi (Spanish, North African and Arabian origins) Jews.

Last week’s responses on the blog had three people who thought it was a photo of the Ari Sephardi Synagogue. That’s an incorrect answer. One response said simply “Ari Synagogue in Tzefat” without specifying. I’ll give .25 points for that!

I also received some responses on my Facebook (and if you see this on my Facebook, please respond on the blog instead of on there). I also received a reply via email. Two said “Ari Synagogue” without IDing which one and one chose a different synagogue in Tzefat: the Abuhav Synagogue.

So there is clearly something recognizable about Tzefat synagogues, even if the specific distinctions between them is less memorable. Interesting!

And congrats once again, Christine!

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