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I have been working for a long time now to upgrade this website. Before I received my Israel tour guide license, I mainly maintained this site as a blog, focused both on Israeli tourism and on the tour guide course I was taking. The plan all along was that once I began officially working, I would upgrade the site to my full home on the web, detailing my services, specialties and tour guiding philosophy.

For the first few months, I was just focused on building up my guiding business, so I wasn’t very focused on the website. Then I began to slowly build up the new website, step by step. Finally, I am now ready to proudly announce the launch of my new website!

I will of course continue writing on the blog, but the new website has a lot more to offer. On the site, you can read about the way I will customize a tour to fit your needs, some of my Israel tour guiding specialties, and the other more technical services I can provide for your tour of Israel. I also hope to create more pages of useful information about tourism in Israel, similar to my post that summarized the history of Israel.

But mainly, I just want this site to be a way for you all to get to know me better, interact with me if you have questions or requests, and learn as much as possible about the land of Israel.

So, welcome to the new website. Feel free to poke around. There are a few tweaks I will need to be doing over the next few weeks. I have been reading about the benefits of a customer self service portal and considering most customers like to find their own answers to things, this may be one of my tweaks. But it is now close enough to complete that I am launching it now.

Most importantly, I’d love it if you’d spread the word by passing the website on to your friends and family. Similarly, you can feel free to hop over to my Facebook page and give it a “like” or start following me on Twitter. The three are not just redundant with each other!

And now that the site is upgraded, I look forward to hopefully getting back to more frequent posting on the blog as well!

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