I pride myself on customizing my tours to my tourists’ needs and desires. Many guides have “standard” tours that they give over and over again. And while I certainly have some trips that I give frequently due to their popularity (e.g. The Shuk or the Old City of Jerusalem), even those I try to tweak based on whatever interests my tourists express.

Be it a different take on a familiar site, stress on a specific angle or focus within a full day tour, or visits to sites that relate to a topic of interest within the context of a multi-day itinerary, there are many ways that I can customize a tour to your wants. You just need to ask!

Of course, if you do want to stick with a more standardized tour, without any specific stress, check out my Sample Itineraries page. You can also use them as a starting point for thinking about customized tour. I also will gladly plan a full tour and/or book hotels for you.