Tour Planning and Booking Services

Some people come to Israel with a very good idea of what they want to do and see, while others are less familiar with their options. And even if you have some idea of the sites you’d like to tour, nothing compares to professional, first-hand knowledge. As a licensed tour guide, I can offer insights about how long to spend at various spots or how best to visit them. I also know how long it takes to get from one site to another, as well as what places to avoid at certain times due to special circumstances. Furthermore, I can suggest sites or activities that can fit nicely into your tour – places that you might not have otherwise known about or considered visiting.

I have also built relationships with various tourism businesses here and can help with many of your needs, often at discounted rates. I can take care of booking your hotels (often at lower rates than you can get yourself), refer you to short-term rental apartments (if you prefer that option to hotel lodging), or help you purchase travel insurance.

I offer these as stand-alone services or add-ons to my guiding. For assistance with any of these services, contact me and we’ll discuss!