Israel Mystery Photo #13

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The next Israel mystery photo...

Sorry for the delay on posting a new mystery pic. Particular apologies to my buddy Shmilty (Milton) who has been itching to find out if he guessed right last time around. Well, only my two classmates who responded – Benny and Orah – got the answer 100% correct. But as I mentioned, it was the type of thing that people might guess on their own, but probably would only know for sure if they had ever been there (such as my classmates).

In terms of guessing though, everyone else used some good deductive reasoning. Ilana, Asher, Nechama and Shmilty all recognized the portraits of the father and son Hashemite kings of Jordan, Hussein and Abdullah. So they all guessed that the picture was of one of the border crossings across the Jordan River.

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