Hockey Night in… Israel!

Tournament co-chair Danny Spodek. On the right, of course! (from the IRHA website)

I realize there might be a bit of a seeming discrepancy on this blog. It is called Fun Joel’s Israel, and I talk in my bio about the fun side of Israel. And while I think that hasn’t been lacking entirely on the blog, I also don’t think I’ve done my full duty yet in bringing some of the less obvious “fun” stuff to the forefront!

This post will be a start at rectifying that situation.

I love hockey. It is one of my favorite sports, even when the Rangers are not having such a great season (which is, unfortunately, rather often). It is not uncommon for me to stay up until 3 or 4 in the morning just to watch (or even listen to) a hockey game from the States. (Israel is 7 hours ahead of the East Coast and 10 ahead of the West.) And I’m not just talking about playoff games. Just regular season games when I can afford to sleep less one night.

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Israel Tourism for the Sportsman (or Sportswoman)

(Taken and modified from the Tour d’Israel website)

Israel’s tourism industry traditionally revolves around a lot of things: archaeology, history, religion, etc. Straightforward resort tourism (beaches, etc.), outdoor/hiking trips and luxury spa vacations have also been mainstays of the industry for quite some time.

More recently, there has been growth in areas such as culinary and/or wine tourism. Adventure travel (taking the outdoorsy to the next level) has also seen a bit of advancement.

But how about straightforward sports tourism? Well, a few recent ventures indicates this may be part of the future mosaic of the Israeli tourism business.

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