The Tourism Ministry Looks Forward

A screenshot of the new "iSrael" app at the iPhone app store.

I have said before that I am fairly pleased with the current direction that the Ministry of Tourism is taking. I can’t say I like every single thing they’ve done, but overall I think they are working very hard at increasing the numbers of tourists visiting here. They have stated their goal is to attract an extra 1 million tourists per year by 2012. And with tourism numbers here continuing their steady rise, it seems like they are accomplishing their goals.

But luckily, the Ministry is not just focusing on bringing tourists in, by removing entry visas and advertising around the world. They also apparently recognize that improving the tourist experience within Israel is equally important.

And so, in keeping with the forward-thinking nature of the Ministry’s social media campaigns, they have continued to leverage the technologies of the moment to improve the experience for incoming tourists. On Sunday, the Ministry launched iSrael — an app for the iPhone that is designed to enhance the Israeli tourism experience.

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